August 21, 2014

Corporate Workshops

‘Although clothes do not make the person, they sure can enhance the person’s best features.

People form impressions in seconds and are anchored by them. It’s vital that you walk your talk with respect to professional expertise but also that your confidence and value is reflected in the way you look. From a business point of view, your style is extremely important. Feeling sharp translates into confidence. It’s about creating trust. If you look bad, it can be associated with not being able to look after their business. I think it’s underestimated how important first impressions are.’

As time is of the essence , we run intense workshops at your office with new ideas on how to dress to impress at work.

Workshops are tailored to suit the company needs. From one-hour express session to more comprehensive sessions. We also travel nationally and can work with all your offices.

We advise on

  • Stylish and versatile everyday looks
  • Confidence dressing for important meetings
  • Stylish wear for work events
  • What’s acceptable and not in the work place
  • Stylish ‘casual’ Friday
  • Important and handy tips

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