August 18, 2014



I’ve worked around the world in styling and design and am currently based in Sydney. I travel nationally, guiding professional women to find their individual style.

I want to work with you to unveil your authentic style, something that says ‘you’ without cloning or the over-simplistic paint-by-numbers rules that fashionistas dish out and that don’t work because they were made for someone with a different body shape, or lifestyle or needs.

Style is dressing in a way that you love and that makes you look great, all the time.

It’s different from owning designer clothes or being well dressed. You can be well dressed and have no style. You can be young, beautiful, slim, wealthy or any other number of qualities and still have no style. Stylish women have something else. Something that stands out. They leave a mark.

Sometimes we get stuck in an old idea of who we are, we’ve moved on, but our clothes don’t reflect that change. Or we sign up to others’ ideas about what ‘professional’ or ‘casual’ looks like because we don’t have the confidence to challenge them. Often we just don’t know how to put things together because we’ve never learned. We know what we’d like to say, visually, but don’t have the tools to pull it off. And while there are no cut and dried rules, we need a basic understanding of colour and shape and composition.

Importantly, style can be learned. It doesn’t belong to a privileged few who were born with it or have a mysterious ‘je ne sais quoi’ that leaves us thinking it’s out of reach.

That’s what I do. I teach you how to bring together clothes, accessories and shoes in ways that work, to create a truly individual style. And over time to create a wardrobe where you can only pull out pieces that you love and that combine beautifully with everything else that you have. Where it is as effortless to pull on jeans and a pussy-bow shirt with snakeskin boots for the weekend as it is gym gear.

I’d rather you experiment, make mistakes and learn what works for you than be a slave to other people’s ideas, but you don’t have to do that alone. I will work with you to cut away what doesn’t work and find the items that allow you to be who you are, and say what you want to say.

If you resonate with what I’ve said, then we are likely a good match.

Feel free to give me a call to chat or email. Love to hear from you.


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